Playing with sunlight on May day
Hello, my name is Kate.

I am a storyteller, who creates and shares through multimedia art, writing, theatre and film.

Born in Canada, I’ve enjoyed living and studying in the USA, the Netherlands, and now call Australia my home. In my teens, I began my creative journey as a poet, photographer, and actor. Pursuing an artist’s life, I’ve been lucky to work with and learn from some amazing people. I’m inspired by the diversity and at times harsh beauty of this world. Life’s also gifted me with a few bumps and some abruptly educating chasms requiring now cherished growth to navigate.  I’m excited to call Sydney and Australia, with its multicultural people, artists, environment to explore, and immense possibilities, home.

A New Year & Birthday project: is a temporary website while I build  A gift to myself and I hope to you; I am launching my new site following my birthday in April. Mid-May sounds good. 

An ongoing portfolio of media illustrations, writing, filmmaking, multi-platform projects, artistic collaborations and musings.

In the meantime, I’ve left a few old posts up to amuse.

Please create something new each day to inspire your soul and gift to others.




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Where in the North America #2

Where in North America

Where I wish to go and will visit, when I next return to North America. Cheers Kate Originally Posted on Facebook at
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Muse Production
Capturing Vivid Light
photography... coming soon

Capturing light in Australia and the world.

Coming soon…

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