Mi amor… Sunday musing…musica…by candle and moonlight…en plein air…zine to novela…These are ongoing series that I am currently working on. I’ll be adding more images and galleries in the upcoming weeks.

Para mi Ale

Your smile is forever in my mind’s eye…

Happy Birthday Mi Amor
Rise - Sunday Musing Series
Rise - Sunday Musing Series
The ink illustrations for the Sunday Musing series are inspired by images and thoughts that wander through my mind during the savasana asana of my yoga practice on Sundays. I seek to draw the essence they leave in my mind’s eye.
Musos 1
There’s a trio of musicians, and sometimes their guests, who play near where I live on Wednesday nights. They play gorgeous latin music. They have gifted me and others with so many beautiful moments. It’s impossible not to draw them. Now and then, I happily join them on the conga.
by candle light
By Candle and Moonlight
At the end of the day, when the light is low to gone, there are moments of peace to be found by candle and moonlight
A table for four
From Zine to Novela
Sketches for upcoming zine and novela projects.
En Plein Air
En plein air drawings from around Sydney
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