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Live Action and VFX Reel

Showreel of recent live action and VFX films I’ve enjoyed collaborating on.

Writer – Director – Producer – B Camera – Colourist
Joint production with Black Sheep Productions | 2012

1st Assistant Director – VFX Assistant – B Camera
ConD & Lost Sheep Productions | 2011

Thursday (Is a Special Day)
Production Team
Lost Sheep Productions | 2013

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Poppa and his granddaughter journey through Sydney to say a last goodbye.

Creating Poppa in Sydney was an adventure that I will always remember fondly. This film was inspired by the familial love I witnessed between the oldest and youngest generations of my family in New Zealand and good friends in Australia. I was very lucky to be able to work with a brilliantly talented cast, crew and post production team. We were awarded generous support from Metroscreen’s Jumpstart Grant. Additionally, Sydney Ferries and the Woollahra Municipal Council were very helpful with the access they granted us for filming.


Presenting Robin Royce Queree, Marisa Bedwell, Ethan Queree and Marli BedwellWriter
Director, Producer, 2nd Camera, and Colourist: Katherine R Davis
Director of Photography: PJ Collins
Editor: Alison Myers
1st AD: Kalinda Hatherly
2nd AD: Roan Sajko
Original Score: Vanessa Tametta
Sound Design: Robert Parish

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